What is Artistry


Artistry Brow Systems microblading Technique that gives clients the eyebrows of their dreams!

This advanced technique is a manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin to create hair like strokes. We create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows. Our techniques last up to 12 to 18 months. Creating long-lasting fullness and shape to give customized brows that frame the face.

Artistry Brows are the solution for sparse brows, no brows, clients who desire a different arch shape or different eyebrow shade.

Artistry Brow Systems is seeking to meet the demand for this innovative new service with a US expansion, providing Master training classes. We are also offering opportunities to provide this revolutionary service to clients demanding this amazing new service. Apply to become an Artistry Brow Stylist or Master Trainer here.

“Artistry Brow Systems has totally changed the way I do brows. I love having a quick service that my clients can't find anywhere else. It's changed my business and my life.